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Toilet soap molds


Toilet soap molds

The automatic rotary toilet soap sealing machine features low vibration and noise, High efficiency and long service life. Meets the technical requirements for cutting, cutting and sealing toilet soap.

  • Production capacity  :   40 - 90 pieces per minute.

  • The size of the soap :    20g-200g

    Motor power :    3 KW

    Size  :   3560 × 1410 × 1135    mm

    Weight   : 1350 Kg

    Semi Automatic Soap Molds.

    Works average production capacity for those who want to produce soap low and medium production capacity

    There is a model of pneumatic work and it needs an air source of not less than 5 bar.

    There is another type of electromechanical mechanics (Astmbhh half to Mecania engine powered by 1.5 kW)

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