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Duplex facium Plodders


Product Description

The vacuum suction device is used to grind, polish and squeeze pasta / strips into soap bars. The nails shown below and two slot plates press and refine the soap, make the soap bar tight and illuminate the surface. The track speed below is adjustable for regulating capacity. Heating inside the outlet adopt automatic control system. The jackets mentioned above and below the barrel are connected to the circulating water source of the internal cooling cycle in the vicinity of the snail. The parts connecting the soap material are made of food grade 304 stainless steel. 


The machine is used to knead, soften and squeeze the soap material and form the soap bar. The machine is double helix, The engine is disconnected from the gearbox to increase machine life and reduce maintenance The rotation speed of the lower helix can be controlled to regulate the production capacity. The vacuum chamber (vacuum) is equipped with a glass window to monitor the work. Heaters are equipped with a temperature control system. The machine is equipped with a water-cooled jacket.

  • Production capacity :    800 - 1000 kg per hour.
  • Snail diameter :   Ø200 mm.

  • Snail speed :    upper  15    -     lower  8 : 16

  • Engine power :      upper : 20 hp       lower :   30 hp.

  • Approximate dimensions :   3280 × 1060 × 2500    mm.

  • Approximate weight :  3200 kg

note : There are different sizes and capacities

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