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Toilet soap cutter – automatic


Cutting machine

Used to cut the soap bar into pieces in sizes as needed . The machine follows the movement of the soap rod out of the extruder. The machine is easy to operate and maintain .

  • Pneumatic cutter to motor 2/1 h - 7 inch touch screen Plc - Control

  • Bastums works with Magentek Control to ensure speed compatibility with the bloader.

  • Equipped with an encoder to update the speed automatically with the bloader.

  • The length of the piece is controlled by the speed control screen.

  • The pneumatic sector is 5 bar.

  • Equipped with an electronic equation to show the number of pieces from the start of the machine.

  • The speed of the machine reaches 120 pieces per minute.

  • Inverter to control the speed of the cutting device.

  • Control Schneider brand.

  • All mechanical parts are laser made of solid steel.

  • The size of the soap pieces is controlled by the screen.

  • The weight of the piece can be changed by changing its thickness and width.

  • Approximate dimensions of the machine 125 x 75 x 140 cm.

  • Approximate weight of the machine 250 kg.


Designed by Media Project - Hani Hassan

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