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Toilet Soap Lines – Automatic


Toilet soap production lines [Automatic]

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Are you dreaming of owning a factory to produce soap?

 Here's the solution Soap GP R2 soap production line It is the production line that is distinguished in terms of the enormous forces in production up to 1000 kg hours Production line composed of - Mixer capacity of 250 kg motor 15 h

- Smoothing stone length of the dolphin 75 cm diameter of the dolphin 22 cm motor 15 h reducer - Bloodfarm Diameter 8 inch length Alaskro 1 m motor 20 h reducer - BLACKER DUPLEX VACUUM 2 PHASE - PHASE 1 PHOTO MOTOR 20 HP, PHASE 2 PHOTO BAR WITH MOTOR 30 HP In addition to the auxiliary belts number 4 conveyor belt moving the product between machines during the production stage - Rotary molding mechanics equipped with Schiller for cooling compressing area in order to obtain a high quality product.

Note All contact parts of the product are made of stainless steel 304 food • A very suitable production line for anyone who wants a strong start to produce solid soap or who wants to develop from his small factory to a special factory in soap production. • Today it is easy to own your factory to produce toilet soap from inside Egypt without the need to import that GPR2 proudly 100% Egyptian industry. . • The production line works on electricity 380 volts and about and needs an area of ​​not less than 300 square meters. There are different production lines of cards and production capacities

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