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Vertical and horizontal mixers


Vertical and horizontal mixers

Blender for toilet soap

It mixes the soap gadget with any other additives

  • Production capacity :     starting from 100 kg per meal and vary depending on the size of the mixer.

  • Mixing time :    5 - 10 minutes.

    Stirring arm :   half helical.

    Rotation speed :  32 rpm.

    Made of :    stainless steel 304.

    Engine power :   15 hp .

    dimensions : 2250 × 810 × 1450 mm.

    machine weight: 400 kg.

    There are different sizes and capacities

    General offers a powerful modern blender that is designed to produce uniform mixing materials and a heavier viscosity. Suitable mixture for many applications,

    The mixer has an application to produce high viscosity materials Such as various kinds of chemicals, dyes and dyes, coatings, plastic polymers, pastes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, Printing ink, hard pastes, adhesives, polyester compounds, warm colors, rubber compounds, confectionery, magnetic coating insulators, ceramics, carbon black, dough,, food products, fiberglass, grease, lead storage battery, soap and detergent etc.

    The tangible effect of mixing and kneading is obtained entirely through "Z" kneading blades, Which rotates very precisely at different speeds towards each other, moving the product from blade to blade. Discharge of mixed product is achieved by tilting the container, through the valves at the bottom, or by extrusion screw under the container if provided.


    We have production lines of cards and different production capacities

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